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an online collage referring to ongoing war

produced by kanonmedia

nyc / vienna 1992 / 2002

drawings & collage
screen design
alexandra reill

NYC0902 relates to the catastrophy of 11 / 09 / 01 and its consequences as an seemingly unending conflict between old and redundant views of life, as an ongoing war of the ones for power and capital and a war of the others for equal rights, freedom of belief and stable economics.

it is a piece produced as a consequence of NYC9202 which was created in the beginning of 2002 when the shock occuring from the destruction of the world trade center and all its implications was still vividly alive. NYC0902 is a direct transformation of the piece produced then referring to actual sensual experiences relating to the state of our world one year after the catastrophy.

too many truths are still the same. the destruction of the world trade center and the media campaigns following it have transformed everybody's life. daily life is not the same any more. kanonmedia cannot believe in warfare but definitely believes in peaceful solutions and equal rights for everybody and every culture.


original image by unknown author
visual by ar

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