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autonomous media camp / mediencamp karlsplatz

participation in a discursive investigation

produced by
public netbase, public voice lab, ig kultur wien, malmoe, radio orange
vienna 2003


woman and computer
autonomous media camp (8)
27 / 08 / 03

dieter schrage, moderation
alexandra reill,
media producer

audio file: woman and computer
MP3 (60:25, 112kbps)

in form of a discursive investigation the positioning of women in the context of computer production, it-business, software development in relation to technical talent and the interest in technical developments, embedded in a male-dominated world of industry and production, was researched. free access to equipment and training was one of the major demands raised.

another conclusion was that women - if it is true that classical strength of a majority of women still lies in social skills - do not have the chance to integrate more intuitive or emotional approaches into the development of software and technolical tools as the digital technologies as such are based on purely rational approaches - could have a better chance to integrate their social skills - which might be a very practical step not consuming so much negatively connotated energy than continously having to lead a fight for their right to be respected as fully autonomous and responsible individuals, which still most of the time is not given, and thus maybe representing a constructive step to finally gain this right
in the long run.

as a consequence, further integration of women into leading positions as well as enhancing the importance of their social skills and talents within it-developments - an approach which in the it world is still very unusual - could lead to more human and social-oriented purposes of software products and it applications.

a list of relevant literature shall be citated to provide further information on the theme:

o Women Undergraduate Enrollment in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT (Final Report of the EECS Women Undergraduate Enrollment Committee)
o Leveson, Nancy. Educational Pipeline Issues for Women. Computing Research News, October 1990 and January 1991.
o Pearl, Amy, Martha E. Pollack, Eve Riskin, Becky Thomas, Elizabeth Wolf, and Alice Wu. Becoming a Computer Scientist. Communications of the ACM, 33(11) (November 1990).
o Frenkel, Karen A. Women and computing. Communications of the ACM, 33(11) (November 1990).
o Strok, Dale. Women in AI. IEEE Expert, 7(4) (August 1992).
o Cottrell, Janet. I'm a Stranger Here Myself: A Consideration of Women and Computing (PDF). *

*list citated from:


free media - unfree media
autonomous media camp (10)
10 / 09 / 03

fiona steinert, radio orange
gerhard gutschi,
ralph leonhard,
alexandra reill,
media producer
sebastian reinfeldt,
communication & politics
helga koecher,

audio file: free - unfree media
MP3 (118:20, 112kbps)

what is meant by 'free media'?
what makes media free?
• which role does finance play in this context? whose money? on the basis of which agreement?
• which role does participation play in this context?
• who participates and why? do people want to participate?
• who takes which responsibility?
• how are themes positioned in different media?
• how do free media, public and commercial media comply with each other in regard to the positioning of themes, in how far are they conform?
• are there themes that are tabooed in all kinds of media? why?
• what are the conditions for quality productions?
• in how far does the quality of media products contribute to critical political consciousness?




during the summer 2003, the autonomous media camp invited a variety of culture workers and political thinkers to investigate the inner contents of the critical approach of the media camp organizers in regard to the political attitudes of austrian and viennese politicians concerned with contemporary cultural and media production.

audio file: woman and computer
MP3 (60:25, 112kbps)

audio file: free - unfree media
MP3 (118:20, 112kbps)

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